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3i-insulating boards are intended as a thermal insulation and fire protection of building constructions, especially as thermal insulation of the ceilings and walls of underground garages. They represent an optimal solution for the fast and clean construction of building insulation. Laying into formwork without additional anchoring elements. 3i-insulating boards are also suitable for the subsequents walls and ceilings mounting. The tongue-groove system eliminates any formation of the thermal bridges and so prevents the the heat loss.


  • Fast and simple mounting – costs and time savings
  • Fire protection
  • Tongue-groove system– elimination of thermal bridges
  • Walksafety
  • Ecological

3i-Insulation boards RD 200

Insulation boards made of EPS granulate and cement with the bulk density of 200 kg/m3. Made of the raw materials without containing a flame retardant HBCD. 3i-products are 100% recyclable. 3 i-isolet is an independent construction material compatible with other systems.

format thickness
160/60 cm without tongue - groove 160/58,5 cm with tongue- groove
5 - 7 cm without tongue- groove 8 - 30 cm with tongue-groove
  Special thickness on request


Laying into formwork without additional anchoring elements
- Fast and simple mounting
- Costs and time savings

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Surface finish

The board surface can be left without any finish, can be painted / sprayed with mineral colours, the boards can be eventually plastered with common materials such as a cement, lime or gypsum plaster using a mesh, manually or mechanically.

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Repair of the demaged places

In order to repair the broken edges and the unevenness of the 3i-insulating boards resulting from the installation, the Tiroplan filler plaster can be used, for the non-surface finished ceilings tinted with inorganic pigments or with admixture of the EPS beads. After drying, the surface is abraded.

The Tiroplan filler plaster with admixture of EPS beads and pigments.

Manipulation at construction place, storage

  • Unloading - When manipulating the pallets with a crane, it is necessary to use a fork or underlay the pallets , if necessary, and use the long straps. Hanging the pallets only on short straps would cause a damage to the edges.
  • It is optimal to bring the materal directly in the laying date. In case of an intermediate storage, store on a flat surface to prevent bending.
  • Handling - the boards need to be moved vertically to the long side and laid face down. Do not lean on the groove.
  • Prior to assembly, it must be free of dirt and dust and not frozen.

Additional mounting for walls and ceilings using metal plate dowels
- in accordance with the simple mounting scheme
- aboat 4,5 dowels /m2

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Thickness / cm dimensions / cm pallet (160x60cm)/pc pallet / m2
5 160 x 60 * 21 20,16
6 160 x 60 * 18 17,28
7 160 x 60 * 15 14,40
8 160 x 58,5 13 12,17
10 160 x 58,5 11 10,30
12 160 x 58,5 9 8,42
14 160 x 58,5 8 7,49
15 160 x 58,5 7 6,55
16 160 x 58,5 7 6,55
18 160 x 58,5 6 5,62
20 160 x 58,5 5 4,68
22 160 x 58,5 5 4,68
24 160 x 58,5 5 4,68
25 160 x 58,5 5 3,74
26 160 x 58,5 4 3,74
28 160 x 58,5 4 3,74
30 160 x 58,5 3 2,81

*boards without tongue-groove

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Technical data

Bulk density 200 kg/m3
Class of reaction to fire A2-s1,d0
Fire resistence EI 60
Thermal conductivity Lambda  λ r = 0,061 W/mK
10% deformation pressure strenght min. 150 KPa

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