minilogo.png, 3 kB Specially developed non-combustible construction material 3i-isolet is used in the building contruction especially as an insulation material for the ceilings of the underground garages and cellars, fire protection of shafts, for rehabilitation of the negative wet mansonry influence, for construction of the non-loadbearing partitions and dividing structures, as vapour permeable insulation of buildings, bracing beams, as a filler in the lightweight concrete for the insulation and levelling of the floor surfaces.

The contruction parts are assembled on tongue and groove. The 3i-isolet products are suitable for both new buildings and renovations, are quality and innovative in price comparison, and are absolutely health-conscious.

The 3i-isolet is the result of a long-term development using the state- of -the-art-knowledge of techniques, physics and economics. Current products are of the highest quality , certified according to the valid standards and legislatition in the authorized European testing centres.