Non-flammable and vapour-permeable 3i-isolet insulation – The house that breathes

3i-insulation boards RD 200 are made from the mixture of granular foamed polystyrene and cement with
a bulk density of 200 kg/m3. The polystyren balls are cement-coated and the spaces between them
create a macroporous non-capillary structure. The mixture is homogenous and the cement skeleton
delivers strenght to the material and prevents a flame spread.

The content of small capillary pores – the short-term absorption with partial dipping is 2,45 kg/m2,
the long-term water absorption with partial dipping is 3,45 kg/m2 and due to interrupted capillaries
no water capillary action occurs. If water gets into the 3i- isolet material , it will re-dry,
because it is a diffusion-open structure.

Excellent vapour permeability, (µ = 5) is due to the high macroporousity in the spaces between
the polystyrene granules. So there is no dampening of the building cladding , mold formation
or capillary water rise.
Excellent diffusion properties are given by the large space capacity between
the balls, into which water vapour can diffuse.
(For comparison the vapour permeability of facade polystyrene is µ =40)

Incombustibility – the cement skeleton separating the individual polystyren granules from one
another prevents the flame from spreading. The material is classified according to
ČSN EN 13501-1 as A2 „non-flammable“

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